insurance pic    We have this program for kids in our company call ‘’Gift of A Lifetime”. Excellent financial start up for kids. Your kids are the ones being insured.

The policy can be paid up in 10 years, 20 years and with freedom to stop after some years. Never lose money like stock market or mutual funds because of the guarantees in the policies and this is a good leverage for your money.

The beauty of this is that we put the “Guaranteed Insurability Rider”(GIR) for children which will allow your child or children to buy more insurance in future(starting at 25 years or sooner FOR EXAMPLE when they get married or have children), a maximum of $125,000 or less at a standard rate at a time no matter their health conditions and they can do this up to 8 times ($1M or less).They will be paying by then because they will be working.

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